To take your game from good to GREAT, pick up games, team practices or shooting around will NOT cut it.  Players need organized and purposeful workouts that will challenge them and take them out of their comfort zone.  Our motto, “Unrelenting Pursuit” comes from the idea of never being satisfied and continually separating yourself from the competition through consistent hard work, intense drills, and focused training.

Who We Teach:

Boys and girls, grades 4 and up, who are motivated to improve, passionate about the game, and are driven to maximize their full potential.


Example of Skills Covered/Learned:

Shooting Mechanics (off catch, off dribble), Jab Step Series, Dribble Separation, Weak Hand Development, Finishing, Advanced Dribble Scoring Methods, Moving Without the Ball, Post and Perimeter Work, 2 and 3 Man Game, Triple Threat Separation, Footwork, Seeing the Floor, Conditioning, Defensive Work, Team Chemistry, Leadership, Basketball IQ, and much more.


Each session is individually scheduled based on the participants personal schedule. Our approach is to create a special mentorship culture that builds relationships and trust.  We concentrate not only on making our members better athletes, but focus on character, and mentoring their peers, making them better adults and preparing them for the future.


Training sessions include:

*A waiver required for each athlete prior to participation.


Methods of payment:

  • Cash
  • Credit Card (Square app)

Training will benefit you the most if:

  • You practice on your own time
  • You watch/study the game of basketball
  • You are committed to the process
  • You are willing to work

My coaching style is very positive but honest, in order to allow for your full potential. Growth is achieved through hard work and accurate evaluations to make the necessary adjustments that will be most beneficial to developing your basketball skills.

The whole purpose of Heads UP Basketball is to ensure that every committed basketball player has the opportunity to have quality training. Please contact us if there are any concerns about pricing.